Monday, June 27, 2005


Submission is consensually yielding our own power to that of someone we trust. Not everyone really understands D/s relationships, even those who portend to be in them. Some mistakenly believe that submissives submit out of weakness. Nothing can be farther than the truth. Most submissive women desire a man who is more dominant than she is so that she can feel his "power" and be inspired by his strength. After all, it is easy to dominate someone who is easily controlled, but a challenge to dominate someone who is powerful.

i enjoy M/s, if i didn't iwouldn't be 24/7 with my Master, i identify myself as a submissive, even though there are times when i have to take charge/control of my life and my kids but in general my nature is submissive.

i should stop trying to explain myself....... i am who i am, whatever that is.

100% submissive to my partner, yet dominant when needs dictate. So, does it make me a dominant who submits to a dominant who is MORE dominant?

Does it really matter?

When all is said and done, i am my Master's slave. Nothing can change that fact. Being 100% submissive to my Master doesn't mean that i don't flex my strength every now and then, however, it's short lived. i always yield to his strength and his power over me.

It is not my nature to yield to anyone, but he inspires this from me. i don't give this up easily. But i do so because i can defer to his wisdom, his intelligence. He makes sense. He is rational. i trust his judgment and his power. i respect him and the power he has over me. He has proven himself worthy over and over.

There is no power struggle because he is clearly more dominant than i am. i like it that way. It wouldn't work any other way. Not for me, not for him. He wants a submissive, and i want a Master. i want my man to be stronger than i am, but that by no means makes me any less powerful. It only means that i can be as strong as i am without fearing that i will overpower him, and thereby destroy the M/s relationship we have.

When i yield to his power it is because of his strength, not my weakness. i am not afraid of him. i am with him because i want to be, not because i need to be. i need him in my life because he is my rock and the center of my universe, but not because i am dependent on him for strength.

So, next time i challenge my own submission, our way of life, the very core of who we are, what we are and where we are going, someone kick me in the butt and tell me to stop being so stupid.

What i have is what i want/need/desire..why do i always have to challenge it..!!!!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Roses growing

Being submissive is not about submitting to ANYTHING the Dominant wants just to please him. It's submitting to EVERYTHING he wants that doesn't violate that which is sacred to you. If you cannot trust that he will not violate your sacred principles, you must not submit..

The notion that one has to give ALL, to prove one is sub/slave,whether that "All" is given out of some idea that if you don't give everything you are not a submissive, think, If your gut says it isn't right, there is a good reason. Too often submissives are working so hard to prove to themselves or to another that they ARE REALLY submissive, they ignore everything else, they ignore common sense.

Then you feel so stupid as we really KNEW better the whole time, but have put our common sense aside for want of what..???

You have to figure out what you want in life and for your life before you can know who to look for and know the traits you seek or don't seek in a life partner. Trying to fit the proverbial round peg into a square hole has never worked and will never work, however hard we might try and make it fit.

Be yourselves, be the person who reads the labels in the supermarket and decided that the fresh fruit isn't so fresh after all, don't be hoodwinked into believing it just because you are told it is so... because chances are, its not and roses do not grow around many doors really.!!!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Feet Hurt, Back hurts, Ache all over.

Well, we bought a house.... none of this slave cannot own anything for us, we are far to practical for that. So yes "We" bought a house for our family to live in and with the painting and the decorating... the cleaning of the flat still to do before we return it to our landlord of the last 4 years... we are both totally knackered.
MG took a shift off work to do his bit and i am sure he is quite happy to return to work tomorrow evening, just to have a rest because i have to say it has been a hard 2 weeks slog. Every day back and forth between the flat and the house, trying to maintain some sort of life between the 2, trying to keep body and soul together, not just us but the kids as well. Well i think its about finished... the decorating at least.... all we have to do now is move and altho that is going to take a bit of graft, it cannot be anywhere as near as what we have been doing for the past couple of weeks.
And talking of "slaves" silly some people can be.. the idea that you have to be "in slave mode" 24/7, how many times have we said that it is not possible to be and yet i am shocked this week to find one of the most staunch slaves i had come to read a lot about, saying she and her Master are moving away from the lifestyle because it no longer seems to fit in with their other life activities. Of course it doesn't, not all day every day but does that make one not D/s, not in my book because i am convinced that this lifestyle is in your blood, you cannot hide from it, you cannot walk away from it, you cannot deny its existence... we find that we drift sometimes, from our M/s, sometimes we are very deep into the Master/slave roles, other times we could be seen as equal partners in a relationship, we are also parents and as such need to be a dual force where our children are concerned, that sometimes means that our M/s is buried under a lot of other influences, but trust id never far away, never that far under the surface.

How people can just walk away from this.... i have no idea..!!!