Thursday, April 29, 2010

The grass isn't always greener on the other side.

I went out the door this morning without a coat... Oh joy, for those who may live in warmer climes than the U.K you might think that a rather mundane thing to be joyous about and very likely unworthy of a blog entry, but U.K weather is fickle enough and often far too cold to be no coat weather. So the first day of the year when i don’t have to put on my coat at 7am to drive Master to the train station as i need the car today (which also means I’ll need to collect Him at 9.15pm tonight) is one of immense pleasure. I’m definitely a SAD person (Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as winter depression or winter blues) not to the extent that i need artificial sunlight. Just a serious mood change when the seasons changes to cold dark morning, damp, bone chilling cold.. Oh the pleasure of British weather. But hell I’d not change being a Brit. i talk to many other nationalities in my work. My best net friend is an American girl who i’ve been pals with online for around 8 years now, she’s also sub so we have a fair bit in common as she was married to her Dom, i say was as they are now separated . Probably for the best, however single parent of 4 children under 16 is a struggle even in the UK with a lot of state benefits to help, she struggle daily with even just the very basics of food and housing. My point is the grass is not always greener on the other side, there is never a better place..The place you are at is the best place as it is Home

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Private moments

i seem to get an awful lot of people following this site, i would really love to know what you all find so interesting, don’t get me wrong, im honoured so many people find the things i write worthy of being read and as so many of you do follow, I’ll let you into a secret, i have a mirror site to this one but that only has 1 follower my Master that’s His space and the posts i make there are sometimes the same as i make here but often contain the more personal aspect of our relationship, the things i don’t make public, we have always said we are happy to show an insight into our Master/slave relationship but private is private and will remain so.
the website that accompanies this blog is locate here
you are quite welcome to read if anyone wishes

Monday, April 26, 2010

Creature of habit

Creature of habit.. oh yes and today im knocked for six as my normal get up do a.b.c then go to work habit has been pulled from under me following a complete Buzzen shut down for network upgrades.
It’s likely to be a few days(3-7 recommended) before Buzzen’s back up and running so i need to make alternative plans for my days, Master has made a few suggestions, which of course although come out as you could … blah blah.. Really mean id like you to do….so some filing of papers that get left a long time in the in tray will get put away.
This blog will get some much needed attention, although secretly im hoping it’s only a day or 2 till i can go back to work @ "Buzzen Communications Network made especially for you! The service offers many free services to our registered members". ive never been a great one for working outside of my family duties, but this job is like my eye into the world now that i cannot physically interact with people as well as i once did, my fingers type the words that i once spoke, this way i can still be of use while no one has to stare at the broken cripple i have become (stroke survivor for those who don’t know) and i have a huge purpose, a reason to get up every day, i suppose if any other worker was given a week’s holiday, they would be over the moon, me, this creature of habit is kind of lost with no focus. But sitting here won’t help although blogging is therapeutic, lets you get it all out, still its time to find something else to do.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

You are my reason

You are the reason why even at the Saddest
Parts of my life, i smile. Even at confusion,
i understand.Even in betrayal, i trust,
Even in fear of pain, i love you.

You are my reason

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why do i blog?

Because it give me even 10/15 minutes out of my otherwise often nilla day to considered who i am, to think of my submission to Master, This is for me a time in every single day where i can sit and focus “centre “ myself so to speak… on my very existence, on why i do what i do. So it most certainly isn’t one of those “He tied me up and did all these wonderful sexual things to me “those are a dime a dozen and for me come under the heading of “Private life” and will remain private.
This blog is about whom we are, not what we do. i am just a simple English lady who choose to give up on the stress filled hum drum of life and give my Husband/Master Carte blanche to decide on as many decision making areas of my life as He chooses. If we were rich and lived in a cottage with roses around the door, i could remain naked and chained all day every day, but we are not we lived in suburbia in the U.K, where it’s far too cold most of the year to not be dressed. Master has to go to work 5 days a week, leaving me to run our home, which i do to the best of my abilities now that i am quite severely restricted in my movements, but oh the love that fills this home is indescribable. The love of a wife for Her husband, of a Master for His slave, of extremely proud parents of two almost grown young ladies .What more could anyone ask for?

Monday, April 12, 2010

2010 It Spring again!

Well,2010 It Spring again!

Tired i cant believe how tired i feel today, more grouchy, bitchy, not myself, etc. ihave also noticed an increase in my stupid inability to get about.But yes i do realise its going to happen, but another year is upon us, Spring has sprung, days are getting longer, warmer too soon i hope, could do with some sunshine. Grass needs cutting means i need to get out into the garden and clear it.
Spring and "springtime" refer to the season, and broadly to ideas of rebirth, renewal and regrowth. The specific definition of "spring" as a season differs, in cultural and human terms.

Thursday, April 01, 2010


“I am happy to give my permission for that”, was of course the answer i had hoped for, or one of them Sir, i had imagine various combinations of that along with perhaps additional restriction possibly making something more, im always looking for ways, excuses to enrich our D/s. But that answers the main question so slave thanks you Sir.
Enriching our D/s is very much in the forefront of my mind as im feeling its slipping again, yes i do appreciate real life and work etc and if You are genuinely happy with how things are then of course i am happy, but I’ll not stop looking to enhance what we have ever Sir