Monday, January 17, 2011

Devotion and Respect.

i try to make Master happy, because i love his happiness. It makes me happy to make him happy. There is a very real and fulfilling reinforcement for my obedience and submission to him. i love pleasing him, but not because i am "his slave". i love making him happy because the happier i make him, the more he will show his happiness, his appreciation, and his love for me - making me happy in return. It truly is a never-ending, wonderful cycle. But what most people miss is that this has absolutely nothing to do with D/s whatsoever.

Sure it makes us happy to participate in a D/s relationship. Because we understand that he is the Master and i am the slave, there are certain dynamics in place that make us happy by their very nature. He controls, i let him. No matter how much fun we have with it, though, the bottom line is that no matter what we call ourselves, it is simply because that is who we are.. And no matter what i call myself, i am going to revel in the knowledge that he is controlling and taking responsibility and making decisions, and because of that and the gratitude i feel that he lifts my unwanted burdens, i will offer and eagerly look for ways to please him. And the happier he is, the happier he will make me, and the world, or our little piece of it, becomes a beautiful garden of devotion and respect.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Need to be told i'm a "Good Girl"

i still need to be told i a “good girl”

• Be helpful. say "Is there anything i can do for you Sir?"
• Be friendly. Always be nice. Don't gossip or say bad things about people behind their back. Smile!
• Be polite. Courtesy is a big part of being good. people will respect you more if you say things like please, thank you, and may i. Let older people go first.
• Learn helpful skills. Learn how to cook, do housework, –
• Be organized. "have a place for everything, and everything in it's place
•. Learn to ask politely for help, respect the advice given you.
• Dress like the good girl you are. Ditch the leather jacket and ripped up jeans! Get into a nice fitted pair of jeans and a cute colored tee shirt (pink, purple, or blue are some options). Get a few pretty skirts too. Make sure to also brush your hair and keep it in a nice style. A bit of bright jewelry is fine. Remember, good doesn't mean dull!
• Don't wear a lot of makeup. Too much of it makes you look trashy. Don't wear it at all if you don't feel like it. Or use natural makeup, lightly applied. The same goes for jewelry.
• Stick to good morals and values. Don't drink, smoke, do drugs. These things aren't important, they won't help your future-and they're definitely not good for you or your health. Stay away from it. Stick to your curfew hour.
• Stick to good music, books, movies, tv, etc. Have fun! It's okay to sometimes act a little immature and watch a good Disney movie show or read a kids' book again. You can still watch tv, listen to music, and see movies that are good-don't worry, they're just as good as the more "adult" ones, sometimes better! ;) Learn about different kinds of music and reading.
• Keep regular hours, and be sure to get plenty of sleep. Being well rested will help you feel healthier and it will be easier to be courteous to others.