Friday, June 09, 2006

Need to submit..all over again

For some reason of late i have had this huge desire to submit and submit deeply.. i have this urge desire whatever you wanna call it to be slave again, little things that i can do become hugely important to me, my problem is that no one else seems to see this and other than saying it out loud.. look at me, im ready to be Your slave again. im not sure how to make my point that i am so so ready to take up where i left off. Master has said this last week that the fragility has past and he is right i want .. so badly. i need to be Dommed again..but it isn’t in my nature to ask and even if it were MG has to be on the same wave length as i am and im not sure He is quite yet. We are taking thing up but it just not fast enough for me, however even that is good because i am having to submit to Master’s snails pace and wait.. Waiting isn’t a game i am very good at.. i am a "want it and want it now" kinda person but i am also aware that patience isnt a strong suit of mine and if i have to be told to wait in Master time. i will get there.. i am in some small way submitting and i need even the smallest amount right now. i feel i am starving for submission, it has been quite a while as following my ill health Master has been (naturally) reluctant to go too deep into our M/sand i have been allowed to relax so much into a state of non slave.. now i feel its time to get back to where we were before all this, is that topping i wonder.. i guess it might be.. slave wants.. hey isn’t it meant to be Master who decides.. Best i just sit quietly and wait until my Master is ready.