Tuesday, July 13, 2010

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not.

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (originally effeuiller la marguerite in French) is a game of French origin, in which one person seeks to determine whether the object of their affection returns that affection or not.

A person playing the game alternately speaks the phrases "He (or she) loves me," and "He loves me not," while picking one petal off a flower (usually an oxeye daisy) for each phrase. The phrase they speak on picking off the last petal supposedly represents the truth between the object of their affection loving them or not. The player typically is motivated by attraction to the person they're speaking of while reciting the phrases. They may seek to reaffirm a pre-existing belief, or act out of whimsy.

The pronoun He, with a universally capitalized H, is often used to refer to a Higher being.

my He, my Sir

He is intelligent. i like having discussions with him. i enjoy his perspective and that he teaches me new things!

He has an amazing amount of patience!

He is a very generous man. He gives so much.

He takes care of me when i am sick. When i am tired he always knows what best

I feel at times he does things for a reason but i just can't figure out why.

My list could go on and on. i just feel very privileged to be owned by Him and serve Him! i love YOU, Master!

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www.esclaves.org said...

As a french, this is a very common game for kids... We all played this in our childhood. I AM just surprised that you describe it as you do. In fact we ALL play it differently : it is NOT the opposition he loves me / he loves me not. It a graduation :
first petal : he loves me a little
second petal : he loves me much
third petal : he loves me with passion
fourth petal : he loves me like a fool
fifth petal : he loves me not
and again and again till the last petal...

In french it is "effeuiller la marguerite" like you said :

il m'aime :

- un peu (1st petal)
- beaucoup
- passionnement
- à la folie
- pas du tout...

Maybe because we are french there is only 1/5 chance to not be loved...