Monday, December 26, 2005

Eat my own words

Looking back over my last few entries. i guess i was in need of some changes and boy did i get them. pieces missing, change is as good as a rest...etc etc. well thing has certainly changed but now i sit and desire earlier timeslol. one step sat a time (talk about fickle), how things were before the stroke.but we cannot always have what we desire.. i have to keep fighting just to regain some resemblance of my former self.. i will prevail..i will walk again, i will sub to my master again that is now my focus do what i have alway done fo him, which right now i am not capable off, in the mean time i will acheive the quality of life we all have once again but the focus is for me to serve my Master and be able to be mother to my children. careful what you wish for is all i can say. i have my goals all achieable i believe.. time and my detirmination will show if i have the grit need to make at least some inroad for myself.i shall damn well try.Season Greeting to all roll on 2006.. thing can only get better

Saturday, December 24, 2005

been a while

finally back to real life after one month in the hospital.i have suffered what i am told was a dense stroke, which has left my left side paralysed. for info on my recover click here but for a few day over christmas i am home with my family and main concern now, oh i realise i have to give myself time but still i fear i cannot be the slave to my Master that i once was. i cannot even simply kneel before him now , maybe in time but right now i am totally dependant on him for everything.. it was once the other way round . He asked . i did. now i asked he gets up..i want things the way they were
..amj i allowed one pout.. i think i can get away with one if i could stamp my foot i would but i would fall over. seasonas gretting to you all
good to be home for a while