Monday, July 17, 2006

slave Bells

A row of silver slave bells attached to a silver chain by little O-rings, this elegant and sexy anklet is worn low on the ankle and adds a dazzling highlight to any foot. It has a small hook and O-ring clasp and is adjustable up to 11".
i have my collar which i never take off as it can be worn as a normal item of jewellery and is only known to lifestyle folk its real meaning but my new bells. i am happy to tell when ask what jingles i proudly say my slave bells. altho many would not understand why i feel the need for more outward signs of my place, it is something i like as does MG. i find that i am always having to explain in some fashion or other why we do what we do, why can people not just accept. anyone one would think we had two heads or something are we so odd, i dont think so


slave neaya said...

Hello there my wonderful cleo,
"love the bells" i have the same ones my self! :) it's been a while but i am still here. beautiful Handfasting ceremony congratz to you both. wishing you all the best.
slave neaya

rose(DJ) said...

Hello cleo..
You have a lovely set of silver slave bells. Wear them with pride hun. Mine still jingle with every step i take.
You shouldn't have to explain yourself to anybody. Let people have their opinions, for some people, that's all they will ever have.
Be good to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Hello cleo,
The bells look great and yes congratulations to the 2 of you. pictures looked great, good to see you happy after all your woe's of the past year.
Santa and Sleigh