Monday, December 29, 2008

subby mode

Somehow we need to figure out ways that will keep me in that "subby" mode or whatever you want to call it.....i love the way it makes me feel, Hopefully we can figure something out… i miss having that feeling of total surrender. That feeling that i would do anything for Master. Surrender and slavery feeds my soul and i get so hungry for that feeling sometimes.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Quality Time

I have asked Master before to set the rules. It might get him to understand my needs a bit more. He wants me to be strong and i am a strong woman, but...i still have tendencies, needs; desire...if i knew there would be dire consequences for breaking the rules though....i would surely know the boundaries, am i making a mountain out of nothing, no just fumbling around most of the time guessing. Give me rules and expectations...

We haven’t had any play time for months now ...he's stressed, and i understand, just some time for me is what i need,just some quality time talking but even then i get the wall even when i ask to talk, its never the right time, just like now isn’t, when will be i wonder.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I listened to some definitions the other night in chat, and one of a Domme's description on what makes her a Dominant, could have fit me. However, i am clearly NOT a Domme, nor do i want to be. i maybe am in other aspect of my life; i do not want to dominate in my personal relationship.
I also heard someone who said, that he offers himself to teach mentor, never portray himself to be anything other than what he is. Well i do that as well. I've had many sub sisters come to me and ask for advice. I'm honoured that they feel they can come to me; i only have my personal opinion nothing else. Am i am enigma or just me.. Inside myself i need, desire to serve the man who hold my heart my Master.
Sometimes, knowing that alone is enough, knowing i am my Master slave, is all i need

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ebb and Flo

M/s and the integration of that into our lives seems to ebb and flow. My fear that M/s is not something He wants concerns me. He show’s frustration at the merest suggestion of M/s at times. Of course. He is human, dealing with the most common life issue. Work.. Bills etc! But the frustration causes Him to loose balance and respond carelessly. He acknowledges my emotional state; remains controlled and instead of punishing me for my behaviour, ignore it as it seems the easiest is a challenging time. i am very grateful to Master for all He does for both of U/us, but I would be lying if i said i was totally happy with the level of our M/s right now..

Saturday, December 06, 2008


Rules are there for a reason. It is what makes a slave. It is the inspiration the way to remember Master rules Not saying this slave likes punishment, but there has to be consequencies, well i have a love and hate relationship with this topic, but being controled, and feeling cared for, but then its the displeasure i feel when i have displeased Master, well, i can punish herself for days without be word from Master , you know it ok sometimes to say, its over and Master is happy, thati will learnt the lesson being taught and will not repeat the fault. i feels no consequence there's no control. Rules are the guidelines to avoid the consequence, discipline and punishment are part of the process of learning. Rules are those that keeps Master happy, and that is the aim of the slave.i prefers to have pain from the pleasure of being good not bad.

Monday, December 01, 2008


It is my destiny to submit. i have discovered that submitting is more than a desire. It is something that i need to do. It completes me, it makes me happy and content. It is a component of who i am. it an essence of my being. The further i explore my submissive side, the more centred i become. Focussed on being a better me, a desire to try and keep trying, no giving up. i need the relationship part of it, the "knowing" of me, the psychological aspect. i need someone to explore my mind and emotions. Without the psychological component, i think i am too strong willed, a firm hand is needed.
It is strange to think of complete submission and surrender as a selfish act, but in a way it is. Maybe not a selfish act, but certainly not selfless. i appreciate and admire Your Dominance. i know that to dominate someone, and accept their submission, requires much thought, responsibility, and work. Your responsibility is far greater than mine; You care for me, and ensure my safety. You have accepted responsibility for my physical and my emotional well being. my trust in You is complete and without question.