Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Slave to:

I believe that there are certain people--and, yes, they are most likely few and far between--whose place in the world is in the ownership of another. Yeah, i believe slavery has valid applications, and not just "ooh, fun sex slavery," either. i simply perform better when I'm told what to do than when i have to figure it out myself. On my own, i waffle and waver and never really get anywhere. i have no impulse control, and i basically just do whatever takes my fancy at the time, whether it's a good idea or not.

Inability to make decisions.
Lack of direction.
Lack of willpower.
Yes, let’s not even bringing up the inherent desire to please, the way i submit to my Master’s wishes, etc.
One of two things happens to people like me. Either we find ourselves in abusive relationships, one after the other, or we somehow manage to fall into a situation where our need to be a possession, is used for good. Now, honestly, I'm too damn stubborn for the former. Somehow i got lucky enough to get the latter second time around.
The upshot of which is that i really believe i need more of this type of control in my life. i obviously suck at doing things without it. Not to mention how good, how secure, how WHOLE it makes me feel.
The truth is, i need it. i need my whole life to be subject to the whims of my Master. Not just parts of it. Not just, "Hey, do this one time.". Not that i think i'd be good at being micromanaged. That's not Master’s style at all anyway so no fear there.. Just tell me what you need done please. i need something to work towards .
idon't think the need to be owned has anything to do with age, sex, race, religion, financial status (or lack thereof), or anything else. i just think that there are certain people in the world who function at their best only when they are under control of another.
That's pretty much it.
Love You Master