Thursday, May 10, 2007

opps boo-boobed

well, there was i so righteous and i do just what i accused others of doing. Making a decision for myself because it suited at the time, making me no better. damn. however i did own up to my error, Master was not best pleased.and i did realise albeit rather late that i had erred. I l feel as if I'd let MG down and disappointed him yet again. no excuses and whats worse was that my error in fact was to alter something MG had put in place. i could have waited and asked for Him to make the alteration, time was not a factor. i really have no excuse. just didn't think it through. let both myself and MG down.Slaves are not permitted to just assume it is OK but that's just what i did, i assumed, silly girl not much else to add.. failure, one day, maybe ill get this Master/slave thing

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

submission is not always pleasant

We came into a little money recently, not such a big deal you might say but as most people do we wanted to have something to show for it at the end of the spree so plans were made, now i have to say how good it is that MG and i have such similar taste in most thing, but the reason behind this entry is because so many sub/slave forget their submission when it comes to choices, things they want , it no longer becomes their Master choice, i'm not perfect i know, spoilt yes but perfect far from it, i wanted red kitchen cupboard, MG liked black, we are having red, MG likes red , they were his idea originally, the floor is to be black so i think He conceded but my point is submission is fine and cool, fun etc when its going all the sub/slaves way, when it becomes a pain how many stick with it. ? one sub i know recently said to me "i'm glad i don't have a time to go to bed"......... i go when i'm told it's fine with me.that's how it is, if MG wishes to watch the sports channel, we watch the sports channel (i've learnt to enjoy cricket, cant say the same of football since i became MG slave) but my point is submission isnt always plesant sometimes the ideas behind it suck its at those times when the real sub/slaves get sseen.Keep the faith

Thursday, May 03, 2007

How long have i waited

First lets take a step back in time: to when going over my Masters knee was a daily occurrence. That of course was pre-stroke way back in November 2005.Now please don't get me wrong being spanked was not as a punishment but because my Master enjoyed spanking me and i love it, cause thats how i am.. anyway i digress. since that awful day in November 2005 for various reasons spanking has not been on any ones agenda. mine as i couldn't get onto my knees well enough to facilitate the act has been my main issue. MG wasn't happy to inflict pain on me for fear of compounding my already fragile state, it isnt always about slave limits we have both needed the time to come to terms with our situation and i think the time is about right, we have vision again, clarity of how things might be again. Time heals (to a certain extent )and we move on so we have recently purchased a "spanking dress" which kinda cries out saying "spank me spank me"i'm sure you'll agree. Now you might think that buying the dress say its coming however i'm a good little slave and i never allowed the anticipation of the arrival by mail of the dress to run away with me, just patiently waited. The day arrived, we tried me in the dress early in the day, great fit (altho could do with loosing a few pounds here and there but arse sticks out just nice and coyly the anticipation starts to build as MG say "tonight slave" woo... 18months waiting not bad for a slave who want and wants now!!!!! day passes oh so slowly but eventually kids go to bed.. slave takes her bath..and we are upstairs Master buckles me into the dress, i kneel and a hair brush appears, now i need to add here that paralysis is just that not no feeling, in fact my left side is hyper sensitive, that includes my left butt cheek and no uses for 18months im soft so just a small first outing for us both, plenty of time to catch up on whats lost now. i shall look forward to ever more spanking session once again. . Each little step brings us closer to our goal of once more living day by day as Master and slave. Yes a long time coming but well worth the wait im sure.
Thank you Sir.