Thursday, June 26, 2008

i am not a submissive because

i am not a submissive because i am inferior. i am a submissive because it makes me feel safe and happiest to do so.
Being a submissive certainly doesn't mean that i can't hold my own, that i'm not independent, self-sufficient, or that i cannot care for me and mine which includes taking care of my Master as best as i am able given the current situation. i am intelligent-ish , maybe not as smart as Master but im competent.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


i often wonder if anyone tags me as a submissive on sight. To pass me on the street, you'd probably never guess. i look like any other woman. well. not quite i do like to, stand out,i have to be a conservative dresser in nilla circle but in lifestyle ones im not - when i'm out with Master at the club, we appear to be a D/s couple. In nilla Master is polite ,even respectful. He opens doors for me and carry the shopping bags. He is gently protective, putting his hand on me to guide me, oh and squeezes the back of my neck, yummy. Would anyone guess that i'm a slut in private, that i love to be used by Master.

Thursday, June 05, 2008


Open. does it for me every time. i don't know why. It is just one of those triggers that put me on the fast track to wow land. Warp speed if He adds, "bitch" to the ending. i don't even know if Master is aware of it. "Open, bitch!" Oh my god, it makes my knees weak. i think i will make a list of things as i think of them, as i have become more and more secure about my place in this relationship, i need less and less triggers, but some always push my button, the look obviously still works, to put me right back into my space, the hand on the back of my neck still sends shivers all over me and hair pulling oh wow, softly works on a “who am I “level. Hard works on the “Your mine bitch” level and a million levels inbetween depending on the ammount of preasure applied.Long may it continue.
Thank You Sir