Tuesday, February 19, 2008

count my blessings

i guess i must take every opportunity to count my blessings, and i have many.
i must also reflect and be grateful for what i have and what i am.
What i have is two of the most wonderful kids imaginable, even if they are teenagers and sometimes forget that being me is far more than simply being their mum. What i have is a home, peace and contentment.
What i also have is a beautiful relationship with a caring, loving, demanding, strict, understanding, controlling, easygoing, mature, fun, sadistic, tender Master.
What i am is a mother, something that brings me so much joy i never dreamed i would feel. i am a woman, a friend.
i am intelligent, finally learning to be confident, secure, stressed, loving, and most of the time i am mature.
i am submissive, slave to my Master, respectful, obedient, caring, serving, pleasing, and loving.
i can't think of anything i want, or anyone i would rather be, than what i have, and who i am.i can only hope that i prove worthy of my station, to all who my life encircles.

Friday, February 15, 2008

i am Yours

sometimes i wonder if He realizes just how much being His ... completes me.And that, is what "love" is all about. When two people meet each other's needs so completely that they truly fit together like puzzle pieces, forming a beautiful picture called "life together"... love doesn't have to be spoken. It simply is.It is once again our anniversary time and it seems that things keep getting better and better. It never seems possible, and yet somehow, it always happens.Thank You for believing in me.Thank You for being someone i can also believe in.Thank You, Master, for owning me so beautifully.Absolutely and completely devoted to You,
i am Yours.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Two years on

I am so honoured to be Your slave/wife, to wear Your collar,wedding ring, to belong to You so completely. i am proud that my obedience and my service is pleasing to You, and that You are proud to own me.
i have the support of a man who owns me so wonderfully, cares so deeply for me, sees so much in me that is there, and so much potential in me in spite of the demons, life changes and their effects....and who has made Himself open to me by encouraging my growth... because He recognizes that as i grow, i change, and change always has an element of risk. But He knows that this kind of growth makes me a better person, and He trusts and believes that it will make me a better slave as well. i shall continue to try to be the best i can be.
Your slave/wife(i adore being both Sir) thank you

Friday, February 08, 2008


i find myself tending to type here for myself more than for any other reason. This really is a good way for me to clarify some thoughts, and even seeing things in words helps me to prioritise sometimes. You have no idea the many times things are typed and deleted .
Usually i am able to type, and purge a lot of negative emotions before You ever see anything i have typed. i delete all the purging things, of course. Why is that important? Many Doms and Masters say they want to know whatever their slave/sub is feeling, but too much negativity is not good for either me or You, but an outlet to express those sometimes, dark and murky thoughts is beneficially to me to let it all go somewhere other than in a blazing row. i can surface with a spring in my step (when my backs not killing me) relatively even-keeled, i would hope to get on with what i need to do in life.
Thank You for Your patience. You have to be the most patient man i have ever had the honour of knowing, and i am one blessed to belong to You. Thank You for choosing to discuss the difficult things with me in you inimitable manner. Thank You for showing your love for me in more ways than i ever dreamed one could. Thank You, Master, for it all.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Is it possible

From Submissive Journal Prompts:

My desire to please and be found pleasing, to mold myself to Master's will and to become the person He would have me to be expresses how deep my relationship is with my Master Love, in general to me, isn't based on how good the other person makes us feel. Love is based on how well they meet our needs, even those we don't know we have. For me, love is the knowledge that i would be totally crippled without Master in my life, because of the needs He meets for me. And i honestly believe that He feels the same way about me,That kind of love does not fade. Some say that if a Master falls in love with His slave, He runs the risk of romanticising the relationship, and no longer treating her as a slave. there is some grounds for this assumption, i do feel sometimes i get away with more than i should or that Master is too soft with me but, who says that we cannot have our M/s and love as well, its just another of the many challenges we face, same as being parents in a M/s relationship, i would say that fact hinders us far more than our love does, but we wouldn’t choose not to be parents.
i say that a deep, abiding, M/s, D/s relationship can't happen without love being present.
Life isn’t for living without love M/s or otherwise.
i love my Master with all my heart, So i know that love HAS to be present in a successful D/s,M/s relationship.