Monday, October 29, 2007

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I must not be a Twue slave;

I do not speak in 3rd person*
I do not turn my webcam on for everyone who asks, as i dont own one
I do not greet my Master on my knees, or in the nude
I do not have a list of dos and do nots spelled out*
I do not send out 'adult' pictures to everyone who asks for them

I do not check in daily with my Master*
I do not enjoy humuliation or objectification
I do not cyber
I do not have a poly relationship, nor will I
I do not shave everyday or on a regular basis*
I do not report what I have consumed/eaten everyday to my Master*
I do not think my Master is ALWAYS right and can do NO wrong
I do not sleep chained to my Master's bed*
I do not offer the use of my '3-holes' daily to my Master*
I do not ask for permission to speak*
I do not type with the Dominant/Top Type being Capitilized and the submissive/bottom type in lowercase*
I have safewords AND limits
I have an IQ
I have referances
I have friends who are NOT slaves or lifestylers
I have male friends - in and out of the lifestyle that I talk too
I am NOT a doormat

I KNOW the difference between a submissive and a slave, and I insit on the correct term being used
I practice and advocate SSC and RACKI speak to men and tops as my equals
i expect to be treated with respect at all times
I have and express thoughts, feelings, ideas, opinions, and desires that are not inline with my Master's
I can carry on an intelligent conversation
I can and do make my own decisions
I do wear panties, bras, lingerie and clothing on a regular basis*
I use the restroom unattended and with the door closed*
I am NOT shared or traded
I kiss and hug my close friends, regardless of gender in front of my Master
I am NOT kept in a cage at night or when not in 'use' or 'needed'

Saturday, October 20, 2007

self analysing

Oh i hate analysing myself but its been one of those weeks , it seems each time that the"why me", and then "its so unfair"appears, i crumble into the abyss, i realise that's self pity but trying to break the cycle is extremely difficult. More to the point i don't know how to. i need a leg up somehow but don't ask because i really don't know how or what a leg up might achieve. .as i say i'm not even sure why these blips occur and how to deal with them. However the prospect of a new move in my rehab is very exciting Sir, just hope i'm not disappointed. The quad stick will be another option to progress forward which im anticipating. but have to wait.. geeze i hate waiting. Then also the need to drive again, now it doesn't seem so pointless as i might be able to go out and do more for You and for me as well... i have a need and a reason Thank you sir for being there always.