Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Why should slave not argue with Master?

Following a little bit of non slave behaviour. MG order me to complete a task for him, this was to write an essay of 1,000 word of the title subject. Here then is that completed essay:-
Why should slave not argue with Master?

An argument is a statement (premise) or group of statements (premises) offered in support of another statement (conclusion).

Under normal circumstances arguments start because of differences of opinion. As a slave should happily follow the opinion of her Master there should really be no reason to argue any point but that might make slave an unthinking doormat with no opinion. So where’s a happy medium, one that both Master and slave can work with?
It's important to accept that arguments (differences of opinion) are a normal part of a relationship. We're all different and where there's difference, there will be disagreement but beneath the surface of an argument often lurks a much deeper issue, desperate to be let out and looked at - and we'll keep on arguing until we decide that the issue has been fully heard, if not answered, although slave should know better than to go on and on about any issue. Master should perhaps also “hear” that slave has a matter which needs resolving (or addressing at least) and it should be his responsibility to address as that is His place in the bigger scheme of the power exchange. Time-Out (an agreed time when slave and Master can speak freely outside of the M/s roles they have chosen) might be a means for slave to express any concerns; but this still needs to be heard and more importantly understood not pushed aside as the “rambling” of slave.
D/s relationships should be built on honest communication and trust. If you can't trust your Master enough to be able to share your anger and frustration with him, maybe you're in the wrong relationship.
When you're angry, and it's your Master that you're angry with. That is the responsibility that He has accepted, to be the rock upon which the slave can both lean, and bash her head against! (metaphorically speaking of course).
Dominants, contrary to popular belief, are not perfect creatures. They err, just like the rest of us. While we, as submissives, would like to believe that they always have our wants and needs forefront in their minds, like any good relationship, we must realise that they are humans first, and Dominants second.
These situations call for honesty. I don't think there's a Dominant in the world who wants his submissive to sit, smiling up at him and say "No, there's nothing wrong, Master" when there obviously is. Conversely, anger does not give you the right to take on the dominant role in the relationship and start berating Master thereby causing the need to argue. There has to be a middle ground.
Mentally and emotionally, from a submissive standpoint, it’s difficult for a submissive to even be angry with her Master. We want them to be godlike creatures, capable of making all of our dreams come true, but in most cases, they're just like any other person on the planet. They do screw up. How does one express any kind of anger (disappointment) towards their Dominant, without appearing to be topping from the bottom or leaving their submissive role entirely or having a blazing row? It's very easy to want to point your finger, but it's not the right approach (submissive or vanilla!) and it won't solve anything. You have to talk for the anger to go away. Set aside the D/s if you have to, but talk about it like two adult human beings. Obedience, or submissive compliance, is the act of obeying orders, if ordered to do so, slave should desist from arguing. However once again, if slave has an issue would it not be prudent of her Master to hear that issue before silencing her? Then again there is arguing and then theres arguing, Master must determine just how far He will allow his slave to continue making her point.
You should never be afraid to share your innermost, deepest feelings with your Master. These feelings are not always going to be gushing with joy and causing sexual stirrings with each other. Sometimes, they're down in the gutter of human emotions. Those need to come out, too.
Not forgetting arguing can play a beneficial role, and it can add excitement to a relationship or be a way of getting attention. It may not be the ideal way of gaining Master attention as that attention may be in the form of punishment/discipline. Arguing however might be worth the pain because of the joy of making up. And when you make up you get to reaffirm your love for each other.
Neither Dominants or subs are mind readers, each must be as open and honest about any concerns they might have and not leave imaginations to run riot as that will only cause anger to fester and inevitably begin to boil up inside until it can not longer be contained and an argument is bound to ensue at some point. We are all human and we all want to be loved; still a slave should seek to bring honour to her Master and as such arguing should not be part of that; it only shows disrespect for ones Master and herself.
At the point of accepting a collar the slave gives up her right to argue along with many other freedoms, in return for a negotiated lifestyle of trust and intimacy that is required to make as deep and meaningful a relationship possible.
Therefore the reasons why slave should not argue with her Master are:

· a slave should be respectful and dutiful in the presence of her Master
· Slaves do not argue.
· Slave is expected to have integrity, loyalty and to serve to the best of her ability.
· Slave accepts punishment and discipline without complaint and with humility.
· To Err Is Human, To Forgive Divine, To submit within the power exchange is foremost
· D/s is not a democracy (knew that from day one)
· it is always better to restrain the natural tendency to argue
· everyone has a right to an opinion (a slave can have only with permission)
· I am my Master slave, I submit to his will, willingly without exception.
· Slave belongs to her Master completely (mind and body, heart and soul) unconditionally
· D/s relationships should be built on honest communication and trust.
· D/s is a lifestyle choice, Domination and submission, where people live their lives opting by nature to be either Dominant or submissive. In a relationship the one complements the other and is based on the gift of submission, and absolute trust