Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Being feminine is more than wearing a dress and heels and having your makeup perfect, although these are important. Being feminine is about being soft natured, being gentle, being quiet and being sweet. Control what you say, talk when you have something nice to say. Let your inner Angel shine.
The key for me personally is knowing that my Master is indulging in a way of life that makes him happy. To me because i know he can do exactly as He wishes for whatever reason means all the small things i give makes everything more pure and special!

Monday, March 29, 2010


Truth be told i'm probably bitching far more than i'd like to be doing and for all the wrong reason, but the fact i know i am, means i can correct it. Not bitching at me or mine or Master just how my life pans out at present, my work in Buzzen is causing me more stress than i really need but its a huge part of my life so, the fact that i have to watch and monitor 500 arse holes, isn’t surprising some of it rubs off, but now I’ve said it out loud hopefully i can watch my own bitch feast and regulate it. I'm not normally a bitch, so i need to control this; it’s horrid and makes me a not nice person. And if i can say that about myself, imagine what other would be thinking. My priority now is to turn things around, the current attitude is not one i like very much.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Uncertainty makes me uncomfortable. i hate games. For me, uncertainty is anxiety.i need to know my path, my place, im all thing, im a creature of habit. But i am constantly surprised—pleasantly surprised—at the dynamic nature of the thing we have called love.

Monday, March 15, 2010


So i went a full two week without blogging. i guess i am just unfocussed lately, and really have had nothing to share that i couldnt say to you as we were together over a work holiday. slaves are there to please so now its time to get back to my slave roots and do the things i do i hope BEST

You really are a wonderful Master, in more ways than just being a Master if that makes sense. and i cannot put into words how much i love you. our relationship is most definitely M/s, but we don't always express the M/s overtly. You are my Master, but so much beyond that as well.