Friday, September 07, 2007

Focus on what you can do

Having been talking openly with another slave who i feel is far more grounded than i am right now, her ideas of focusing on what you've got, not what i haven't sounds like a very logical step to me and one ive used before.
i could blame all sorts of issue but that would be off the mark and just making excuses for myself, i need to admit that ive slipped and stop blaming a whole lot lately on stuff that doesn't deserve the blame, but putting blame aside, i realise its time for a change in attitude if i wish to get my role of slave back to where i was happy, about 2 years ago, it will certainly take some work but im happy to put in the effort so to start i have change a few things about myself, my chat nic to represent who i am MG´s_slave_cleo, find the respect that seems to have gone astray over last year or so, joined a group of slave's in an attempt to ground /centre/focus my thoughts more onto slave attitudes, thinking the more often i get into the right circles the more ill relax into who i am , so who am i ?

He is Master and I am slave. He is Owner and I am owned. He commands and I obey. He is to be pleased and I am to please. And why is this? Because he is Master and I am slave.

and serve Master i shall in ever way possible, because we are both grateful for what we have, could be far less so ill make the most of instead of moaning about whats missing, enjoy what we have which is a huge amount of love and great family and a whole way of life open before us. im going to try anyway

MG's slave cleo