Monday, February 25, 2013

No Harm done.

How can she be submissive and assertive at the same time? Even a submissive woman can and should learn to say "no" . This is not out of her role! Submissive’s can and should have safe words [i have a safe word] or some kind of signals that allow their Dominant to know what's going on with them. SAYING "NO!" IS JUST ANOTHER SAFE WORD. But saying No isn’t in me because my core is a submissive one and by nature wishes to only say yes. But it seems today Master M decided to test His new slave and in his words "I had to give you something I knew was almost impossible for you to achieve to see if you would just blindly follow the order. You did not, you provided reasoned arguments why it could not be achieved" but He pushed me so hard to the point that i almost had to say No. Almost but not quite. i've been told so many times that submission isn’t always pleasant or easy, if it was all about submitting to the nice things what is there really in your submission. If you’re a masochist what's in submitting to a spanking, there is none. Anyway i got upset because so new in our relationship and almost the first major request Master.M had asked of me and i even considered saying No and i had this huge struggle with my inner core to not fold from what i truly felt, as it was the moment past after i said "i'll submit to Your request as You know i would, but i’m not happy about it. Shortly after Master.M was honest enough to say "that it was designed to do just as you test me so I am going to test you”. So all in all a good result. No [no pun intended] harm done

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Master M said...

Submission is not about blindly following orders and commands It is all about Trust. Trust that your Master always has your best interests close to Him