Friday, March 01, 2013


Clearness of appearance of thought or style; lucidity

Clear, not transparent.

Some would say it’s not a journey, that there are no stages – that one can move into complete clarity in a single moment, without any prior path or practice necessary.  i believe that’s untrue and impossible.
Many people feel a longing to be more “here” in each moment, a longing to feel more alive. We often feel a general uneasiness, dissatisfaction or anxiety that takes away from the enjoyment we believe is possible..we know where it is we wish to be but currently there are several obstacles outside of our control that make our progress on our chosen path, impossible at present,
There are many different spiritual paths, as i contemplate how those obstacles apply to Master.M and i the frustration to us both is currently the all encompassing topic in most of our conversation and will be until this is resolved. However we are planning to met up  very soon and  Master .M has purchased a beautiful collar which i am hoping He will be putting on His slave on that occasion [i shall post more about that in due course].
But clarity yes. seeing clearly our path , however many rocks, fallen trees currently bar our way, we are quite determined to walk together along the road. no matter what hurdles  are in the way and we are both aware they are several and possibly many more, but the end will justify the means.We are clear as to our destination.

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