Sunday, September 19, 2010

read the instructions

Over the years i have been the recipient of multiple attempts to teach me valuable lessons that i am not allowed to forget (read the instructions).. i have been taught how to fix household appliances, and how to use technical equipment, amongst other practical application. Although when performing any of these tasks plus a few hundred more, it would be stressed again and again that i read the instructions. This philosophy is based on the belief that instructions are written to teach and to prevent mistakes.
  • Some people read to learn and read to accomplish a task. In which case, conceptual information is necessary for using a new product. In other cases, structured lists suffice for people who prefer to skip and skim through the documentation.
  • Some people don’t want to read instructions. They actually prefer to explore and to ask for help when they need it. (im in this category)
  • Some dive head long into it and i like me will eventually put together that cupboard or desk, even if it take 10 times longer and be left with 3 screws that have no use whatsoever, yet still the task will be achieved, does it really matter how or in which order, apparently, yes it does!
That booklet, piece of paper on which is printed detailed step by step instructions, is best left on the floor, in the box, when i had two hands available id think nothing of taking a broken computer apart and putting it back together, working, no instruction manual taught me that.
Adventure, try it and see, have fun, why follow the rule book, there are too many rules in life
Moral of this story—do all that you can lose the manual but don’t overlook the user’s choice or responsibility to read the instructions.

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